Torque Multiplier

The Mission

The traditional company Alki Technik GmbH, located in Ingolstadt and a manufacturer of torque multipliers, was looking for a special solution for a new series of torque multiplier. The new torque multiplier, which will be use for assembly of plate heat exchangers, is a tool for tightening or loosening of heavy bolt connections with spindles or long threads with the spanner size up to 80mm. The special feature of the new solution should be to operate the tool with two different systems, electrically and pneumatically. Furthermore, the system should relieve the user in his work and entail a short assembly time.

The Solution

According the customer requirements ATLANTA has developed a special gearbox on the basis of a worm gearbox. The worm, made of steel was milled and hardened. In order to improve the wear resistance of the worm gear, also made of steel, the gear was subjected a thermochemical processes. This ensured that the special gear could transmit correspondingly high torques. Aluminum housings reduce the weight of the special gearboxes and made possible a flat design of the transmission.

Delivered Components

ATLANTA Special Gear Unit based on a worm gearbox.