Special device for the manufacture of aircraft fuselages

The Mission

An air carrier wishes to establish the fuselages with a new method to improve the rigidity of the entire aircraft. So far, the fuselage consists of two components. In future the fuselage should be made by single part, which leads to increased safety, less air resistance and simultaneously to reduce manufacturing costs.

The Solution

For the production of an aircraft fuselage, a glass fiber composite is used. This is now made in one piece in a molding process. In order to separate the finished hull and the mold from each other, the company has built a special device. The separation process is provided by four ATLANTA HS10 high performance screw jack gearboxes in cylinder design and electronically synchronization.

Delivered Components

  • HS10 High Performance Screw Jack Gearbox i=29
  • Ball-screw spindle KG 25x10 for 300mm stroke
  • Lifting cylinder with thread connection
  • Servo motor flange
  • Servomotor 3000 U/min-1