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Special Gearboxes & Special Parts


We offer more than mere standard: our specialists prove their strength in particular when it comes to special and complex tasks – from consulting and concept develop- ment to engineering and production. With our highly qualified staff, innovative production processes, and up-to-date software we always develop the optimum and most efficient drive and transmission engineering solutions. We see ourselves not only as a suppliers, but rather we are anxious to help our customers during the planning phase of their products with all the know-how of ATLANTA support.
The integration of production experts at an early stage of construction ensures quality and process-safe implementation of customer-specific solution in an adequate product.

We offer solutions in all fields of mechanical engineering

robotic, handling and automation, food machinery, machine tools, textile machines, packaging machines, printing machines, conveyor machinery, test machinery a.s.o.

From the beginning

  • Construction of precision gears and transmission components to customer specification or ATLANTA design.
  • 3D modeling of individual components up to complete product groups
  • Planning and development including the relevant collaboration
  • Equipment construction including fabrication
  • Production and delivery of precision gears and transmission components
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Custom-made Precision Gearboxes

  • Spur Gearboxes
  • Worm Gearboxes
  • Bevel Gearboxes
  • Change-Speed Gearboxes
  • Chain Drives
  • Planetary Gearboxes
  • Spindle Lifting Gearboxes
  • Cylindrical Gearboxes
  • Drive elements for servo systems
  • and much more

Special Gearboxes will be developed in close agreement with the customer and designed for the specific application optimally.

Custom-made racks

  • racks in module 1 to 16
  • gearing grade 3 to 10
  • straight and helical tooth
  • with milled teeth length up to 3000mm
  • with ground teeth length up to 2000mm


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Custom-made Gear Parts

  • Gear wheels and change gears
    with milled tooth flanks up to module 12, 900mm dia.
    with ground flanks up to module 10, 320mm dia.
  • Sprocket wheels and pinions
    for precision roller chains 4 mm to 1 1/2" pitch acc.
    to DIN 8180/8187/8188 BSA and ASA, for bushed
    roller chains acc. to DIN 8164, for plate-link chains
    acc. to DIN 8150 and for special chains (transport
    chains, conveyor chains etc.)
  • Chain-tensioning wheels and tensioning elements
    with special ball bearings and hardened teeth
  • Bevel gears
    with straight teeth, crowned acc. to Gleason
    up to module 5
  • Worm wheels and worms
    with milled or ground flanks up to module 6
  • Serrations
    acc. DIN 5481
  • Involute spline shafts
    acc. DIN 5480/5482
  • Internal gearings
    up to module 5
  • Splined shafts and hubs
    acc. DIN 5463/5471 etc., milled and ground


Custom-Made Inquiry

In order to be able to answer your inquiry as fast as possible, please send us, if available, the relevant drawings. 

We will go in contact with you as soon as possible.

With kind regards

ATLANTA Antriebssysteme GmbH

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