The new UHPR racks from ATLANTA

Our new UHPR (Ultra High Precision Rack) racks combine the best of both worlds - the extraordinary quality of the toothing in the overall pitch error and a very low tooth thickness fluctuation. Both ensure high positioning accuracy and the setting of the smallest possible linear play between the pinion and rack. At the same time, subordinate features are generated in a process-optimized manner, so that a rack of extraordinary quality is created at an attractive price.
Developed especially for applications in which precise positioning, high repeatability and thus very high precision are required. Machines such as laser cutting systems or machines for processing aluminium profiles require precise drive systems. The UHPR rack is an essential part of such a price-sensitive drive system and is therefore predestined for such applications. The combination with a high-precision ATLANTA Gear and ATLANTA Servo Angle Gear Unit enables extremely low-backlash and smooth-running rack drives to be implemented. Trust the rack and pinion drive „Made by ATLANTA

Features of the new UHPR racks

  • Heat-treatable steel acc. ATLANTA-Standard for maximum hardness and high resistance against wear
  • Teeth hardened with the ATLANTA high-performance hardening process
  • Rack profile ground on all sides for maximum precisionand and smallest linear backlash
  • Total pitch error GTf/1000mm = 0,030mm
  • Tooth thickness tolerance -15µm
  • 19°31'42" helical and straight toothed
  • Module 2 and 3
  • Length of the racks 1000mm
  • Maximum feed force: 19,5 kN (m=2) or 28,5 kN (m=3)