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This is how you benefit with us with Industrie 4.0

With ATLANTA Service you enter the world of Industrie 4.0 with us. With the function ProductScan you have access to the product data of ATLANTA Racks, rack mapping and other applications at any time. With the world's first digital rack  from ATLANTA Antriebssysteme you can get started with the smart drive technology of tomorrow.


The Digital Rack

All ATLANTA racks of the latest generation are uniformly marked by using a modern laser marking system. This marking is located on the left side at the beginning of each rack and ensures identification and traceability of the rack. In addition to information such as article number, production lot and year of production, our racks are provided with a 2D matrix code and a serial number. This code can be scanned with any device. With the function ProductScan you can now access the stored measurement data of the rack and further information or tools.  



With the ProductScan tool you can access product-specific information stored in the ATLANTA Cloud. For example, the 2D matrix code of a gear rack is scanned. You will receive the following information:

  • article number
  • order number
  • serial number
  • quality
  • module
  • length in mm
  • number of teeth
  • total pitch error of the gear rack


This function allows you to determine the optimum assembly sequence of a defined number of scanned racks ("mapping").

This tool can also be used to filter out a number from a pool of racks to achieve the smallest possible total pitch error of a section. After all racks have been scanned, the required number of pieces for the draw frame is determined, based on the criterion of the minimum total pitch error and the optimum sequence of assembly is specified. This allows to optimise the draw frame on site with standard racks. 

Total pitch error of the rack line without using the app

Total pitch error of the rack line with using the app

Digital Twin "Request Clone”

With this function you can request an identical replacement ("clone") for the scanned product. If it was necessary to replace a rack in the draw frame, up to now the complete row of racks had to be dismantled, the corresponding rack replaced, and the draw frame reassembled and aligned completely.

With the clone, the required rack can be replaced 1:1 without having to disassemble and reassemble the entire draw frame.

To do this, you need to scan the rack which should be replaced with the function ProductScan, the specific data of the rack is packed in an e-mail with the button "Request Clone" and sent to the ATLANTA sales department with the request to offer a clone.