1929  Eugen Seidenspinner establishes the gear-wheel factory ESCO Zahnradfabrik

1933  Purchase of the measuring-tool factory ATLANTA-Messwerkzeugfabrik

1953  Start of the current catalogue program with worm gears

1962  The worm-gear unit program is put on the market

1987  The servo high-performance gear unit is successfully introduced

1988  The toothed-rack program is extended by hardened and ground racks

1993  The world-wide export is pushed ahead

1995  The certification acc. to DIN ISO 9001 is granted

1997  Together with other manufacturers of drive systems ATLANTA sets up a sales organisation in Asia

1998  An innovative lifting-gear system is developed and introduced

1999  The goal to become global leader for precision racks is consequently pushed by means of carefully directed investments

2000  In cooperation with manufacturers of linear guides a new guide-rack type is developed

2002  A highly modern manufacturing centre for ground racks is commissioned

2003  The gearbox range is extended by a newly developed E-servo worm gear unit

2004  Establishment of the subsidiary company ATLANTA Drive Systems in the USA

2005  Establishment of the subsidiary company ANF in France

2006  The family of servo worm gear units is completed by the new developed B- and HT-gearbox, introduced at the Hannover Fair in April

2007  New building at plant II to increase the manufacturing capacity

2008  Market introduction of new products: racks in quality 4, high-capacity lifting gear drive, servo-bevel gear, TR-pinion

2009  World wide depression in the mechanical engineering, reorganisation of the production, stabilisation of the markets world wide

2010  Establishment of the subsidiary company ATLANTA Drive Technology (Shanghai) in China

2011  Implementation of the production line, expansion of the rack program for strengthening of the global leadership

2014  Implementation of TOC as an engine of the improvement process

2014  ATLANTA Drive Systems celebrates its 10th company anniversary

2015  Facelift of all series of ATLANTA Servo-Angle Gearboxes

2015  ATLANTA Neugart France celebrates its 10th company anniversary

2017  DQS re-certification ISO 9001:2015

2022  New company name ATLANTA GmbH