Test Device

The Mission

A company which is specialized in the transport safety was looking for a drive system of a new test device. This device is a system of 9m length, with the behavior of freight is simulated while driving. The new system shows what will be happened at different driving maneuvers, when the transport goods are not properly secured.

The Solution

In order to operate the system at the required speed of 6m / s, a rack and pinion drive was designed. The new drive includes ATLANTA HPR racks Q6, hardened and ground and a matching pinion with 20 teeth. For a permanent lubrication of the axis an ATLANTA lubrication system with felt gear was used.

Delivered Components

  • 26 60 205 HPR rack Q6, m=6, l=2000mm, helical toothed, hardened and ground
  • 29 60 105 HPR rack Q6, m=6, l=1000mm, helical toothed, hardened and ground
  • 24 67 320 pinion m=6, t=20
  • Electronically controlled lubricator incl. accessories