More Flexibility

The new HT- and HP-Servo Right-Angle Gearboxes
with modular motor flange

As a new advancement of our product development, ATLANTA has redesigned the housings for the High Torque (Serie 98 xx xxx) and High Performance (Serie 58 xx xxx) Servo Gearboxes for increased flexibility. Compared to the current version, it is no longer needed to change the completely gearbox if the motor changes.
Only the motor flange and the input coupling would need to be changed, the basic gearbox would remain in place.

What has changed for you?

Only the number of items and the associated part numbers.
A complete gearbox would now consist of a basic gearbox and a motor flange.

New order number with modular motor flange

For the new HT and HP servo worm gears with modular motor flange new part numbers have been created, which can be found in our catalog Servo Drive Systems. In the future an order consists of the order number for the gearbox as basic unit and additionally of the order number for the corresponding motor flange.

For transcode the old article number in the new numbers for the gearbox and the corresponding motor flange, we created a Transcode-Tool. The tool can be found on the site of our HT-High Torque and HP High Performance servo worm gearboxes. To receive the new order number for the servo gearbox as basic unit and the new order number of the corresponding motor flange, you only need to enter the known old order number of the complete gearbox unit. If an intermediate flange is needed, the corresponding order number will be shown as well.