The lubricants preferred by ATLANTA are:

For general applications:
e.g. eccentric presses, highly loaded spur and bevel gears, slide and guide rails, sump-lubricated roller bearings, gear lubrication up to peripheral speeds of approx. 3 m/s, trapezoidal spindles.
The Lubrication type1* (order no. 65 90 002, 1kg)
This is a lubricant based on mineral oil and Li-Ca thickener of NLGI class 0 with temperature range -20 to 120°C.
It is suitable for both brush and felt gear lubrication.

For gear, rack and chain applications:
The Lubrication type2* (order no. 65 90 003, 1kg)
This is a highly viscous mineral oil with temperature range 0 to 120°C
It is suitable for felt gear lubrication.

*Lubricant according to stated specification, designation of the lubricant on the product

If you need a special lubricant for your application,
please contact us.