Modular System

Individual solutions from the modular system

The world's most extensive range of precision racks together with the complete family of servo gear units, provides an unmatched range of combinations. With the modular system it is possible to achieve the best solution to almost all possible applications.


HT High Torque HT High Performance E Economy BG Bevel GearUHPR Ultra High Precision Rack HPR High Precision Rack PR Precision Rack BR Basic Rack

Possible fields of application:

  • High precision machine tools with electrical preload
  • Machine tools
  • Lifting axes
  • Multiple pinion contact
  • laser cutting machines

  • Wood, plastic, composite and aluminium working machines
  • Machine tools
  • Integrated racks
  • Water cutting machines
  • Tube bending systems
  • Plasma cutting machines
  • Woodworking machines
  • Linear axis with high requirement for a smooth running

  • Portals
  • Handling
  • Lifting axis
  • Linear axis

  • Linear axis with low load
  • Feed units for adjustment
  • Lifting axis
  • Handling
  • Welding robots